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IamFuture’s Goals

  • Offer clients with a polished and intuitive gateway to web3 and finance
  • Secure our Client's Future
  • Fostering increased financial literacy and wealth creation offer

Our ecosystem enables individuals to enjoy and take advantage of Web 3 and crypto in the form of investment, NFT’s and gaming while still maintaining a symbiotic connection with the FIAT world through our virtual bank account and card solution.
Catering to both experienced crypto enthusiasts and those navigating the space for the first time, IamFuture offers a feature rich, secure and intuitive ecosystem where financial freedom and wealth creation are in the palm of your hand.

Forecast Engine
Decentralised Exchange
IamFuture Web3 Crypto Wallet
Virtual Bank Account & Debit Card Solution
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Send, receive, swap — all with just a few taps!

IamFuture wallet intuitively connects web3 and decentralised finance (defi) with traditional finance (tradfi). One wallet ecosystem enables you full control of your money, investments and future. Enhanced security anduser-friendly interface provides the best experience of storing, managing and transacting

Self Custody

IamFuture wallet is a non-custodial wallet which gives you total uninterrupted control of your assets.

  • No custodial risk
  • Secure
  • Intuitive design
  • Simple onboarding

Decentralised exchange (DEX)

The IamFuture DEX offers full freedom to buy, sell, send, receive and swap tokens across all major chains natively (EVM and Non EVM)

Access the largest selection of tokens at the best pricing and lowest fees without leaving the comfort of your wallet and directly enjoy fully decentralized swapping before KYC

Buying and selling to and from FIAT for verified users

Traditional Finance Gateway

Seamless ON and Off ramping of Fiat to crypto and vice versa and verified customers can activate their virtual bank account and debit card solution enabling spending at millions of retailers across the globe


Earn yield on your investment and grow your wealth

  • Earn real yield with no custodial risk through Thorchain savers
  • Access Liquid staking opportunities through likes of Lido, P2P etc.
  • Provide Liquidity with IamF token
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AI-Powered Predictive Insights

Sota blending of generative AI technology with deep analysis of market sentiment data makes the navigation of investment opportunities easier and supports informed decision making and risk mitigation. cutting edge prediction techniques developed by our in-house engineers evolves daily generating highly consistent predictions

Data Expertise

Leverage widest spectrum of data

Advanced Model Diversity

Strategic methodology diversification

Sentiment Analysis Integration

AI serves for collective sentiment comprehension

Real time updates

Quick adaptation and opportunities capitalization

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Future-Driven Digital Finance

Joint community investment incentives planned end of Q2 2024.Contribution to the defi landscape within the intuitive platform where the decentralized spirit of blockchain’s utility and investment potential is maintained.

Limited emission: unlock tailormade investment strategies, rewards, unique in-app features, additional income generating sources all in one app.

Governing forecasting ability
Native soft involvement incentives
Liquidity movements settlement
Facilitates AI-generated strategies

And more features and joint initiatives.

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Put the Future into Focus

Investment, community prosperity and wealth management are core pillars of our vision. Our community is part of the decision making process and social value generation as we evolve.
Soft governance opportunities to steer feature & functionality upgrades, joint liquidity pools investment vehicles and strategic incentives to support humanity’s growth while generating returns for our community members.

Balance efficiency and regulatory challenges
Choose and suggest new features and functionality
Equitable alignment of the investors' interests
Jointly developed short and long term investment opportunities

The AI-powered Future of Web3 investment is here

Discover, trade, and manage crypto, just like that!


Our in-house built predictive hybrid engine incorporating generative AI and ML algorithms enables users:

  • Ethereum

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  • Bitcoin

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  • Polygon


Detailed Documentation

IamF Knowledge Base
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IamF Project

Catering to both experienced crypto enthusiasts and those navigating the space for the first time, I am Future offers a feature rich, secure and intuitive ecosystem where financial freedom and wealth creation are in the palm of your hand.

I am

Send, receive, swap - all with just a few taps!

  • Increased accessto financial services

  • Seamless connection between Defi and Tradfi

  • Strong web3 educational component

  • Save time with AI project analysis & market predictions

  • Stay ahead of the market when Buying, selling and taking profit


is the Key

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  • ceo

    Maya Berezhna

  • product-director

    Stuart Currie

    Product Director
  • project-coordinator

    Artem Beliakov

    Project Coordinator
  • team-lead

    Anton Drobyshev

    Team Lead
  • project-manager

    Vladimir Belov

    Project Manager
  • dev

    Alex Shashechkin

    React-native Developer
  • dev

    Alex Mironov

    React-native Developer
  • dev

    Kanyshai Bakaeva

    React-native Developer
  • dev

    Ulumdzhi Ulumdzhiev

    ML Developer
  • dev

    Denis Sinitskiy

    ML Developer
  • dev

    Mikhail Polyakov

    QA engineer
  • designer

    Mikhail Shikhalev

    Product Designer
Board of


ari last advisor

Ari Last

Fabio Alves Moura

Fabio Alves Moura


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